It's Fucking Canon

I can't say exactly what I specifically post because it varies from time to time. In one minute I will be posting funny things, adorable things, or actually anything that catches my interest. Then in the next I will be posting the dirtiest NSFW.
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"hey remember when you liked-"

"hey remember when you-"

"hey remember when-"

they’d play around a lot…

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3 u 3; thank you for 2000 followers in 3 months since my registration of this blog~

here some nsfw for you guys 



"yes i am a huge fan of horror flicks"


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C i e l  P h a n t o m h i v e | Book of Circus episode 1

„Why do you think no one knows what punishment the Queen’s Watchdog carries out? Exactly. Dead men tell no tales


i just went to the gym for the first time in 4 months and the receptionists didnt recognise me. i was like ‘hi!’ and they said ‘hey are you joining up?’ and i was like ‘no ive had a membership for years now’ and scanned my card. they said ‘oh! melanie! we… just gave up calling you’